Sustainability Policy


Since 1944, Hershner Hunter LLP has been providing quality legal services to its clients.  As is true with so many of our friends and clients, we have an established tradition of community service.  Our community is currently facing an important challenge and opportunity in meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.  Hershner Hunter wants to be a leader in implementing sustainable practices that meet this challenge and opportunity, and therefore adopts this policy.


To better serve our clients, we will:

  • Look for opportunities to develop expertise in the legal and business aspects of sustainable development, environmental responsibility, conservation, renewable resources and clean technology.
  • Support sustainability efforts in our community.


Hershner Hunter commits to exercising its best efforts to achieve the following:

  • Purchasing. Consider sustainability criteria in the purchase of supplies, equipment and services.
  • Waste Reduction and Recycling. Encourage employees to minimize the use of paper in data storage, printing, copying and communications.  Look for ways to minimize disposables and packaging, reuse equipment and supplies where feasible, and maximize recycling.
  • Energy. Reduce energy consumption and improve efficiency in heating/cooling, lighting and equipment.
  • Travel. Replace non-essential travel with teleconferencing and internet-based meetings.
  • Commuting. Encourage employees to use alternative modes of transportation such as use of mass transit, carpooling, walking and bicycles.
  • Education. Establish an education program to encourage each person in the firm to contribute to the success of this policy.
  • Community Perception and Outreach. Look for other initiatives to further sustainability.  Share our policies, ideas and actions for sustainable business practices and our progress with other law firms and the bar generally.  Encourage our attorneys to be active in bar committees that encourage sustainable business practices.

Adopted on September 10, 2009