Business Organizations


The attorneys in our Business Organizations Practice Group recognize that in today’s competitive business environment, organizing and running your business to best meet your tax, risk tolerance and governance needs can be a challenge. Meeting that challenge is our specialty.

We work closely with you to understand your business objectives, and then use our legal expertise to develop organizational structures and strategies that allow you to conduct your business with confidence. We understand how the operational, financial and legal aspects of business intersect, and because many of us have owned or worked in private business, we have a personal appreciation for the importance of establishing a durable – yet flexible – foundation for success.

Our objective with every client is to be a trusted, responsive and knowledgeable advisor.  By working in partnership with you, we can effectively anticipate issues and prepare to meet them.  And when your business faces challenges, our experience and sound judgment can help turn those challenges into opportunities.

The types of services we provide clients include:

  • Identifying which type of business entity (corporation, professional corporation, general or limited partnership, limited liability company or limited liability partnership) best matches your situation and objectives;
  • Identifying and evaluating complex ownership, investment and capital requirements, and organizing the economic and management relationships between business owners to help accomplish your operational and financial objectives;
  • Assisting in maintaining the legal requirements of your business entity, including coordinating annual or special meetings, preparing resolutions or consents to action taken by the owners and reviewing the current applicability of any buy-sell agreements;
  • Anticipating business and legal issues, and advising on general business concerns and strategic business decisions;
  • Helping you identify succession planning objectives, and developing strategic plans and processes to accomplish those goals, including preparing agreements among owners relating to the transfer of ownership and exit strategies; and
  • Advising on the estate planning issues associated with the formation and operation of your business.

Attorneys in the Business Organizations Practice Group:

Carrie L. Hellwig Christopher
Arthur J. Clark
Nicholas M. Frost
Mark R. Kannen
Jeffery D. Kirtner
Katherine L. Moyer
Craig A. Smith
Pablo J. Valentine