Agribusiness, Land Use and Natural Resources Law

New Oregon Legislation Protects Agricultural Construction In Wetlands

2016 Oregon Cannabis Land Use Update

Hope for Hemp: Overcoming Regulatory Obstacles to Revive An American Industry

Plain Jane: Cannabis Officially Joins Oregon’s Agricultural Community

Oregon Legislature Passes Comprehensive Winery Land Use Bill

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Business Organizations Practice Group

Avoid Disaster With Your Single-Member LLC | Download a PDF |

Employee Benefits Practice Group

Important Information Regarding the Oregon Retirement Savings Plan Read this Article |

How Does the Recent U.S. Supreme Court Ruling Regarding DOMA Affect the Workplace? | Download a PDF |

Expanded Roth Conversion Opportunity Available to Retirement Plan Participants; Fiduciary Update| Read this article | Download a PDF |

Layoffs May Trigger 100% Vesting in Retirement Plan | Download a PDF |

New DOL Disclosure Regulations – Navigating the Department of Labor’s New Disclosure Regulations | Read this article | Download a PDF |

Upcoming Health Care Reform Compliance and Planning Issues for 2013 and 2014 | Download a PDF |

Oregon Sick Leave Summary| Download a PDF |

Estate and Business Planning Practice Group

Estate Tax Law Changes (January 2018) | Read this article |

Choosing a Guardian, Personal Representative or Trustee | Read this article | Download a PDF |

Community Property Trusts:  For Couples Moving To Oregon From A Community Property State | Read this article

Disclaimers: When the Usual Rules May Not Apply | Read this article  |

Does A Revocable Living Trust Fit Into Your Estate Plan? | Read this article | Download a PDF |

Section 529 Qualified College Savings Plans | Read this article | Download a PDF |

Use Caution in Taking Advantage of the Law Allowing Custodial Accounts to Last Until Age 25 | Read this article | Download a PDF |

2013 Estate Tax Law Changes | Read this article |

2013 OSCPA Presentation on Oregon Estate Tax Developments | Download a PDF |

Business Organizations Practice Group

2015 Oregon State Legislature Summary – Health Care | Download a PDF |

2015 Oregon State Legislature Summary – Employment | Download a PDF |



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